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Precision tubes, Thermal management materials, Nickel strip and Specialty powders for Space programs

Space and Satellites

Space applications demand high quality and lightweight materials that deliver outstanding durability and corrosion resistance. These properties ensure consistent performance despite extreme changes in temperature and pressure.

From rocket engines to satellite propulsion systems, our high specification metal products operate in the most demanding space applications.

Ground-breaking Space Projects
We have pioneered the use of innovative metal materials for an array of historic and next-generation space projects.

These missions broke through the scientific and technological barriers of the day and include:
  • Solar Orbiter
  • NASA Space Shuttle
  • NASA Mars Exploration programs
  • Mariner 4 spacecraft
  • Telstar 1, the world’s first communications satellite

  • High Performance Tubes +

    Our tube mills custom-manufacture precision tubes to meet the exacting requirements of space - cleanliness, durability, zero maintenance, and excellent strength to weight ratios.

    Seamless and welded stainless steel, titanium (seamless only), and nickel alloys.

    From 0.010 in (0.25 mm) to 1.5 in (38.10 mm) OD.

    • Satellite propulsion systems
    • Flex-heaters in satellites
    • Space rocket engines
    • Spacecraft launch and detonation systems
  • Thermal Management Products +

    We specialize in engineering high quality Molybdenum-Copper composites for the management of heat in electronics packages that operate in spacecraft and satellites.

    Molybdenum-Copper (AMC)

    • Width: 4 inches (102 mm)
    • Thickness: 3 inches (76 mm)
    • Length: 24 inches (610 mm)

    Our materials are trusted in sensitive Space applications such as electronic and integrated circuit (IC) packaging, heat sinks, circuit board cores, and microwave packages
  • Highly Conductive Nickel Strip +

    Manufactured via wrought powder metallurgy for 99.98% purity. Our nickel strip delivers 15-20% higher conductivity than traditional cast nickel strip for battery connectors in weight sensitive space applications.

    The higher conductivity results in a greater transmission of power. This enables a reduction of the material weight and the battery connector size.

    Ni200, Ni 201, Ni270

    Thickness down to 50 microns, standard and custom sizes and tempers available.

    Aerospace batteries, heat exchangers and bellows.
  • Metal Additive Manufacturing Powders +

    We engineer economic metal additive powders for space application components made by Laser Powder Bed, Binder Jet, and Cold Spray processes.

    316L (including A240 grade), 304L, 17-4PH®.
    We also offer specialty austenitic and ferritic stainless steels, as well as a selection of nickel and cobalt alloys.

    • Laser Powder Bed: -325M/+15µm (preferred), -270M/+20µm, additional custom sizes
    • Binder Jet: -270M, -325M, -400M, and MIM (d90<22µm) sizes, with high Apparent Density / High Tap Density / High flow versions available
    • Cold Spray: -325M, -400M, -500M, -25µm/+10µm, and -20µm/+5µm sizes