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High performance metal strip, powder and tube products for critical medical applications


AMETEK Specialty Metal Products (SMP) supports the medicals markets with a diverse range of custom metal products for critical medical applications in which reliability and quality are paramount.

Our advanced metallurgical products are manufactured in a range of high-performance alloys that offer excellent strength-to-weight ratios, biocompatibility and corrosion resistance.

  • Precision strip and foil for such implantable devices as pacemaker and neurostimulator enclosures
  • Precision tubes for implantable heart valves, cardiac rhythm management, vascular stents, trauma and orthopedic implants, surgical instruments, and spinal cages
  • Shaped wire for orthodontic brackets, toothbrush staples and superconductors used in MRI machines
  • Sintered porous filter powders for specialty filtration components in ventilator units
High performance powder, strip and tube products for critical medical applications
  • Metal strip for Implantable Devices +

    High-precision metal strip and foil products manufactured by Hamilton Precision Metals and AMETEK SMP Wallingford for implant applications. Medical alloys include CP Ti Grades 1, 2, 4, Ti Grades 5, 9, 23 and SS 316LS, SS420, MP35N. Applications include implanted devices, arterial stents, surgical instrumentation, pacemaker and neurostimulator enclosures.

    Titanium strip products for implantable enclosures are produced with fine grain size for drawability, superior surface finish, and short lead-times. Titanium can also be reduced to thin gauges (to 7.5 micron), low roughness (<2 µinch Ra) or high roughness (>25 µinch Ra) for electrode, cathode and antenna applications. Hamilton works in many other medical alloys including MP35N® for stents and spring connectors, Stainless steels for surgical instruments and battery enclosures, and resistance alloys for medical diagnostics.

    SMP Wallingford specializes in high purity Nickel Strip for electronics and battery connectors in critical medical applications that deliver delivers 15-20% higher conductivity than traditional cast Nickel Strip connectors.

  • Precision tubes for cardiovascular and trauma applications +

    High-performance seamless or welded and drawn tubing manufactured by UK-based Fine Tubes and US-based Superior Tube. Both businesses produce tubing in an extensive range of high-performance stainless steel, titanium and specialty alloys including MP35N, 316V, C22, 718.

    Small diameter thin wall tubes for coronary/cardiac implants and larger diameter thick wall tubes for orthopedics. Excellent strength-to-weight ratios, tightest tolerances and high levels of ID and OD surface finish and cleanliness.

    Applications include: implantable heart valves, cardiac rhythm management, vascular stents, trauma & orthopedic implants (screws and nails), endoscopic surgical instruments and spinal cages. 

  • Shaped wire for orthodontic brackets, toothbrush staple wires and MRI machines +

    Shaped wire products manufactured via wrought powder metallurgy for superior dimensional control. Near net shapes for increased torque strength in orthodontic brackets. Specialty shapes for improved tuft retention in toothbrush bristles. Shaped electrolytic copper (C11000) channel wire for superconductors in MRI machines is produced in long lengths to minimize joints and is tightly toleranced to ensure optimum field integrity.

  • Sintered Porous Metal Filter Powders for Ventilator Components +

    Sintered porous filter powders are specially water atomized to give the highly irregular morphology required for precise filtration. We have extensive experience controlling chemistry, Particle Size Distribution (PSD), morphology, Apparent Density (AD) and green strength to match your exacting filtration needs. This allows our customer to design custom pore sizes and precise flow restriction.

    No company offers more water atomized alloys and filter “cuts” than us including: Stainless Steels, Inconels®, Hastelloys®, Monels® and Nickels

    Our filter grade powders are typically used in porous flow restrictors that control oxygen flow in critical ventilator units.