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Specialty metal products for medical devices, cardiovascular, trauma application and precision metals for surgical equipments


The medical industry is changing at an extraordinary pace driven by scientific innovation, machine learning, and rapid technological advancements. We’re proud to support this sector with highly specialized custom metal products for critical medical device and orthopedic applications.

Our advanced metallurgical materials are engineered in a range of high-performance alloys that deliver excellent strength-to-weight ratios, biocompatibility and corrosion resistance.

  • Small diameter precision tubes for heart valves, cardiac rhythm management, vascular stents, trauma and orthopedic implants, surgical instruments, and spinal cages
  • Precision strip for implantable devices such as pacemaker and neurostimulator enclosures, cranial mesh and spinal cages, coronary and vascular stents, spring clips for header assembles
  • Ultra-thin foil for strain gauges, resistance heaters, capacitor cathodes, stents and spring connectors for medical diagnostics, pressure sensing diaphragms, PCB substrates
  • Shaped wire for orthodontic brackets, toothbrush staples and MRI channel wire
  • Sintered porous filter powders for specialty filtration components in ventilator units

Find out how our advanced materials enable smaller, lighter and higher performing medical devices. Watch our Medical Device Webinar: Improving Patient Care through Material Innovation.

High performance powder, strip and tube products for critical medical applications
  • Metal strip for Implantable Devices +

    Our products are used by the metal forming companies that make the hermetic implantable shields and cans for the largest pacemaker, drug-infusion pump and electronic implant manufacturers around the world.

    • Titanium: Ti CP (Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 4), Ti 6Al-4V (Grade 5), Ti 3Al-2.5V (Grade 9), Ti 6Al-4V ELI (Grade 23)
    • Stainless Steel: 316, 316LVM, 420, 450, and others
    • Specialty: MP35N® LTi, C1100, CuNi 715
    • Nickel: Ni 201, Ni 270, Range of Nickel Iron materials

    Thickness: Below .090” (2.3mm) to 1.5 micron

    Implantable device enclosures, cardiac shields, electronic connectors, cranial mesh and spinal cages, coronary and vascular stents, spring clips for header assembles, orthopedic reamer, vacuum tubes

  • Precision tubes for cardiovascular and trauma applications +

    Small diameter, thin wall tubes are critical components for coronary/cardiac implants including heart valves, pacemakers and stents. Larger diameter, thick wall tubes for orthopedics.

    • Titanium: Ti CP (Grade 1 and Grade 2), Ti 6Al-4V (Grade 5), Ti 6Al-4V ELI (Grade 23), Ti 3Al-2.5V (Grade 9)
    • Stainless Steel: 304L, 316L, 316LVM, 17-4PH®, 17-7PH®
    • Specialty: L-605TM, MP35N®, Nitronic® 50

    From 0.012” (0.30 mm) to 1 5/8” (45mm) OD”

    Dental implants, Cardiac Rhythm Management connectors, spinal cages, bone screws, trauma nails, heart valves, coronary and vascular stents, surgical instruments, dental handles / drills, HPLC columns for drug and food testing

  • Shaped wire for orthodontic brackets, toothbrush staple wires and MRI machines +

    Specialty shaped wire products manufactured via wrought powder metallurgy in an extensive range of standard and custom shapes and alloys.

    Near net shaped wire for increased torque strength in orthodontic brackets. Specialty shapes for improved tuft retention in toothbrush bristles. Shaped electrolytic copper (C11000) channel wire for superconductors in MRI machines is produced in long lengths to minimize joints and is tightly toleranced to ensure optimum field integrity.

    Aluminum, copper, copper alloys, nickel, nickel alloys, stainless steel, and many others.

    Square 0.010” to 0.200”, round 0.004” to 0.250”, flat 0.008” x 0.018”

    Orthodontic brackets, MRI channel wire, toothbrush staple wires.
  • Sintered Porous Metal Filter Powders for Ventilator Components +

    Sintered porous filter powders are specially water atomized to give the highly irregular morphology required for precise filtration. We have extensive experience controlling chemistry, Particle Size Distribution (PSD), morphology, Apparent Density (AD) and green strength to match your exacting filtration needs. This allows our customer to design custom pore sizes and precise flow restriction.

    No company offers more water atomized alloys and filter “cuts” than us including: Stainless Steels, Inconels®, Hastelloys®, Monels® and Nickels

    Our filter grade powders are typically used in porous flow restrictors that control oxygen flow in critical ventilator units.

  • Highly conductive nickel strip for batteries +

    Our high purity Nickel Strip for electronics and battery connectors in critical medical applications that deliver delivers 15-20% higher conductivity than traditional cast Nickel Strip connectors.

    Engineered via wrought powder metallurgy for 99.98% purity. Our nickel strip delivers 15-20% higher conductivity than traditional cast nickel strip for electrical and battery contacts

    Ni200, Ni 201, Ni270, 899L, 899A

    Thickness down to 50 microns, standard and custom sizes and tempers available.

    Electrical and battery contacts, vacuum tubes
  • Ultra-thin foil for strain gauges +

    Ultra-thin custom metal foil in nearly any alloy rolled to the tightest tolerances and thinnest gauges (1.5 microns) in the industry.

    We are experts in controlling consistency, precise thicknesses, specific mechanical, physical, electrical and magnetic properties, and surface finish.

    • Titanium: Ti CP (Grade 1 and Grade 2)
    • Stainless Steel: 316LS
    • Specialty: MP35N® LTi, Evanohm®
    • Constantan®, Havar®
    From 1.5mm (0.060”) down to 1.5 microns (0.000060”) in thickness

    Strain Gauges, resistance heaters, capacitor cathodes, stents and spring connectors for medical diagnostics, pressure sensing diaphragms, PCB substrates, cardiac shields, electronic connectors