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Precision nickel strip, engineered shape components, thermal management materials, specialty metal powders for electronic applications


Our advanced materials are precision engineered in specialty alloys for battery tab connectors, electronic and I/C packages, and electronic connectors.

These critical electronic applications operate in a range of demanding sectors including medical, defense, oil and gas, mining and drilling, electric vehicles, and aerospace.

  • Highly Conductive Nickel Strip for Batteries +

    Our precision nickel strip is manufactured via wrought powder metallurgy for 99.98% purity. The material delivers 15-20% higher conductivity than traditional cast nickel strip for battery connectors.

    The high conductivity of our nickel products makes it the choice for demanding electronic applications.

    Ni200, Ni 201, Ni270, 899L and 899A.

    Thickness down to 50 microns, standard and custom sizes and tempers available.

    Battery tab connectors.

  • Thermal Management Materials for Electronic and I/C Packages +

    Our Molybdenum-Copper and Tungsten-Copper composites are custom-engineered for management of heat in electronics packages.

    Our products are used as both the hermetic housings and as expansion-matched heat sinks and thermal spreaders for electronics.

    Due to their excellent thermal conductivity and controlled thermal expansion, our products are the preferred materials for Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) and Gallium Nitride (GaN) semiconductors for the electronics and defense industry.

    Molybdenum-Copper (AMC) and Tungsten-Copper (AWC) composites

    • Width: 4 inches (102 mm).
    • Thickness: 3 inches (76 mm)
    • Length: 24 inches (610 mm)

    Electronic packages, high power semiconductors, microwave packages, high RF applications, laser mounts, optoelectronics, advanced active radars, electronic countermeasures, and jamming equipment.

  • Precision Metal Strip and Wire for Electronic Connectors +

    We offer strip and wire products in alloy C72900 (Pfinodal®) for manufacturing of connectors in the electronics industry.

    A major benefit of the material is the lack of stress relaxation during heat treatment following forming of parts. As compared to beryllium copper alloys, the C72900 materials maintain tolerance much better when undergoing the final heat treatment step.

    Parts operating in harsh environments maintain their shape at higher temperatures ensuring that electronic contact is maintained and minimizing unplanned downtime for equipment.

    C72900 (Pfinodal®).

    Electronic connectors.

  • High Tolerance Custom Shaped Wire +

    Re-rolled flat and specialty shaped wire in a wide range of alloys and sizes. Our sophisticated forming technologies and engineering expertise enable us to work to the tightest tolerances.

    • High purity wrought powder metallurgy alloys include nickel, Pfinodal®, and nickel Irons.
    • Other materials: copper and copper alloys, nickel alloys, stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum and any commercially available custom alloys.

    • Square 0.010” (0.254 mm) to 0.200” (5.08 mm)
    • Round 0.004” (0.101 mm) to 0.250” (6.35 mm)
    • Flat 0.008” (0.203 mm) to 0.018” (0.457 mm)

    Wire for lids and leads, braid wire for braided cables.