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Precision Tubes, Metal Strip, Foil & Clad Plate products for Nuclear Applications


We have more than 75 years’ experience supporting the nuclear industry. Our high-performance nuclear products are quality-assured and used in critical power plant applications worldwide - where precision, integrity and 100% reliability are paramount.
  • High-quality, precision tubes
  • Precision metal strip
  • Roll bonded clad plate
  • High Quality Tubes +

    We are a leading supplier of specialty alloy tubing to the nuclear sectors. Our high-quality tubes are engineered for extreme heat, pressure and corrosion resistance for safety-critical nuclear applications. We are NADCAP, RCC-M accredited, based on ASME III requirements.p>


    • Titanium (Ti CP (Grade2)
    • Zirconium (Zircaloy-2, Zircaloy-4)
    • Nickel (200, 201, 211 Monel® 400, 600, 625, 690, 718, 800, 825)
    • Stainless steel (303Se, 304/304L, 316/316L, 316LVM, 321, 347)
    • Duplex steels (Duplex S31803, Superduplex S32750, Superduplex S32760)

    Our tubing sizes typical for nuclear power applications range from 2.4mm (0.095”) to 45mm (1.77”) OD in seamless, welded & redrawn. Other sizes are available on request, starting from 0.15mm (0.006”) OD.


    • Primary and field instrumentation
    • Control Rods/RCCA’s
    • Fuel cans
    • Cladding tubes
    • Flux thimble guide tubes
    • Grid sleeves
    • Seamless nickel coils for flux detectors
    • Other fuel assembly components

  • Precision Metal Strip +

    Custom-re-rolled metal strip manufactured in high performance alloys. Engineered with non-standard thicknesses and widths, custom surface finishes and mechanical properties to precisely match your specifications.

    Stainless steel strip and zirconium strip.


    • Stainless steel for use in a Candu reactor as braising foil in the fuel bundle assembly.
    • Zirconium strip for use in a PWR reactor as a strap in a fuel assembly.

  • Roll Bonded Clad Plate +

    Our proven roll bonded technology is used to engineer clad metal plate for nuclear applications. The clad plate combines the properties of dissimilar metals to produce a material superior to any of the individual metals taken alone.

    Stainless steel and Nickel based roll bonded clad plate.


    Thickness up to 1” and width up to 96”.