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High performance metal strip, metal powder & tube products for critical subsea oil and gas wells

Oil & Gas

We deliver the full spectrum of metal products for the oil and gas industry with the properties you need: Toughness, Hardness, Strength - offering exceptional pressure, corrosion and wear resistance.
Extended Operational Life
Our high-quality metal products ensure significantly extended product life, reduced downtime and maintenance costs in the most demanding subsea, downhole and offshore environments.

Metal tubing, powders, strips and foils in various corrosion resistance alloys for Oil & Gas industry
  • High Pressure Precision Tubes +

    High quality, NORSOK-approved metal tubes engineered to perform without failure for maximum corrosion and pressure resistance up to 60,000 psi. Advantages include extended product operational life and reduced costs for re-fitting traditional corroded products combined with loss due to production down times.

    Seamless and welded stainless steel, titanium, and nickel alloys.

    Outside diameters from 0.3mm (0.01") to 45mm (1.77”). Specialist items up to 63.5mm (2.5") on request.


    Downhole hydraulic control lines, high pressure control & instrumentation, downhole data logging/smart wells, downhole MWD/LWD pressure housing, topside and onshore instrumentation, subsea Xmas trees and manifolds, flow meters.

  • Hardfacing Powder Coatings +

    Surface coating powders engineered to have the precise thermal spraying characteristics, to enhance the performance of a workpiece. Advantages include improved hardness and machinability, corrosion resistance, wear and heat resistance to extend life and offer total component cost savings.

    Spray and Fuse Coatings: PF20, PF25, PF35, PF40, PF50, PF55, PF60 Others: PI600, 316L, *HAC, *I600 *M400, PF55

    Hardfacing: thermal spray, spray and fuse applications for highly abrasive and corrosive environments. Oil field equipment includes drill rods, shafts, tubes, couplings, cutter bars, augers, cylinders.

  • Engineered Shaped Components (ESC) +

    Extra hardness and lubricity in Pfinodal® (UNS C72900) bearing materials to extend drill bit life in non-magnetic drill bit bearing applications.

    Our production processes and heat treatments combine to ensure the high hardness and non-magnetic properties required in a bearing material.

    Pfinodal® (UNS C72900)

    Tri-cone drill bits and shaped charges for well perforation.

  • Hardenable and Conductive Metal Strip +

    High performance metal strip manufactured via wrought powder metallurgy. Roll tempered to desired mechanical properties and age hardened for increased strength with excellent formability.
    Our Spinodal products (C72900 and C72650) can be further hardened for spring properties in electronic connectors. Our nickel products are available with the highest conductivity of commercially available.

    AM388™ (UNS C72650), Pfinodal® (UNS C72900), Nickel 201/270

    Non-sparking tools, electronic connectors, parabolic cone shaped charges used in well perforation, rechargeable battery components.

  • Clad Metal Plate +

    Roll bonded clad material combining corrosion-resistant alloys designed to meet critical standards in pressure vessels. Our high-performance clad plate incorporates two or more metals for superior strength, pressure and corrosion resistance whilst reducing weight.

    Available in standard widths to 120” and length to 540”. Thickness ranging from 3/16” to 1”.

    304L, 316L, 410S, Ni 200, Monel ® 400, Inconel ® 625, Inconel ® 825, Hastelloy ® C276

    Pressure vessels and autoclaves. *HAC is AMETEK’s equivalent to HASTELLOY® C. HASTELLOY® is a Cabot Corporation trademarked product.
    I600 is AMETEK’s equivalent to INCONEL® 600. INCONEL® is an International Nickel Company, Inc. trademarked product.
    M400 is AMETEK’s equivalent to MONEL® 400. MONEL® is an International Nickel Company, Inc. trademarked product.

  • Metal Diaphragms +

    Oil and gas operations utilize pressure activation technology, during all stages of oil and natural gas processing. Hydraulic fracturing systems and oil refinery flowmeters rely on these rupture discs for overpressure protection, using our precision strip and foil for these safety-critical applications.

    Stainless Steels (304, 316, 17/4 PH®), Corrosion Resistant (HPM® C 276, HPM® 600), Specialty Alloys (Precision C, Havar®) and Titanium

    We can provide metal strip for diaphragm seals below 0.006” (0.15mm) in thickness and up to 12” wide.

    Rupture discs (Diaphragm seals)

  • Mining and Drilling Products +

    Materials used in Mining and Drilling are subject to some of the harshest environmental conditions in the world. We’re committed to manufacturing durable, high strength and corrosion resistant Spinodal products for vital drilling and downhole components.

    Our Spinodal alloys are highly specialized and possess excellent corrosion resistance. They benefit from age hardening techniques that further increase their strength and hardness while offering superior mechanical and physical properties for demanding applications.

    Pfinodal® (C72900) and AM-388™ (UNS C72650)

    Drill bit materials, Shaped charge Liner Material, Downhole housing, centralizers and joints, Non-sparking tools, Electronic Connectors and Battery Connectors.