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High pressure heat resistance tubes, brazing foils, shaped wire, nickel strip and metal powders for aircrafts and spacecrafts


From fighter jets to commercial aircraft and spacecraft to satellites, our advanced metals are performance enhancing. Next generation programmes for re-usable space launch vehicles and hypersonic aircraft rely on the unrivalled performance delivered by our materials.

We have 85 years experience developing specialty metal products for the Civil, Defense and Space sectors and supply major airframe and engine manufacturers worldwide.

Improved Operating Efficiency
Lightweight and high strength materials allow significant aircraft weight savings reducing fuel consumption, emissions and operating costs whilst delivering improved aircraft efficiency and longer ranges.


Aerospace applications of Metal Tube, Powders, Strips and Foil

Aerospace Customer Approvals
Include Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Embraer, GE Aviation, Liebherr, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Rolls-Royce, SNECMA-SAFRAN, UTC and more who rely on our high-quality products.
  • High Pressure and Heat Resistant Tubes +

    NADCAP approved manufacturing processes deliver highly engineered products that perform faultlessly in demanding environments.

    Seamless and welded stainless steel, titanium (seamless only), and nickel alloys.

    From 0.010 in (0.25 mm) to 1.5 in (38.10 mm) OD.

    Include 5,000 psi hydraulic flight actuation systems, fuel lines, pitot tubes in special alloys for high temperature fighter aircraft afterburners, instrumentation and landing gear.
  • Ultra-thin, Heat Resistant Brazing Foils +

    High temperature resistant brazing foil rolled to precise thicknesses for jet engine fan blades down to 1.5 microns. Metal strip for specialist diaphragms for aerospace sensors.

    High temperature resistant brazing foil rolled to precise thicknesses for jet engine fan blades down to 1.5 microns. Metal strip for specialist diaphragms for aerospace sensors.

    Precision heat resistant brazing foil rolled from 0.0001” to 0.0004” (0.0025mm to 0.01mm) thick.

    Brazing foils used in jet engine fan blades, vanes and housings. Placed between the inner and outer skins on both sides of a metal honeycomb, the brazing foil joins critical parts of the engine. Diaphragms for specialist aerospace sensor applications.
  • Highly Conductive Nickel Strip +

    Manufactured via wrought powder metallurgy for 99.98% purity. Our nickel strip delivers 15-20% higher conductivity than traditional cast nickel strip for aerospace battery connectors.

    Ni200, Ni 201, Ni270, 899L and 899A

    Thickness down to 50 microns, standard and custom sizes and tempers available.

    Aerospace batteries, heat exchangers and bellows.
  • High Tolerance Custom Shaped Wire +

    For high tension and compression Push-Pull Control Cables to deliver remote activation of aerospace controls. High tolerance lock collar tape for aerospace rivets.

    Aluminum, copper, copper alloys, nickel, nickel alloys, stainless steel, custom alloys.

    Square 0.010” to 0.200”, round 0.004” to 0.250”, flat 0.008” x 0.018”.

    Push-pull mechanisms required for remote activation of aircraft controls, fuel shutoffs, fasteners, landing gear and emergency controls. Lock collar tape for aerospace rivets.
  • Specialty Metal Atomized Powder +

    We supply custom-made water atomized powders through qualified AS9100 powder producers. Many of our products are key constituents of blends or some of the original materials used in aerospace thermal spray metallic coatings.

    80/20 Nickel Chrome, PF 60, Inconel 600.
  • Powder Metallurgy Products +

    Our sophisticated powder metallurgy process allows us to manufacture shaped components including net shapes, bar, plate, rod and tube. We have led the industry in the production of Pfinodal® (C72900) with superior bearing properties for aircraft landing gear material. Our production processes and heat treatments combine to ensure the high hardness required in a bearing material for aircraft bearing sleeves, and bushings for landing gear.

    We offer Pfinodal® (UNS C72900) as a replacement for Toughmet® UNS C72900 material and Beryllium Copper Alloys.

    Our highly specialized Pfinodal® (UNS C72900) material is manufactured through wrought powder metallurgy to deliver exceptional properties for landing gear bushings and aircraft bearing sleeves.

    • Anti-galling, low friction and high hardness characteristics
    • Superior durability and strength for extended product life
    • Non-magnetic properties required in bushing sleeves and bearing material
    • Safe alternative to Beryllium Copper with similar mechanical properties
  • Electronic Connectors +

    Our highly specialized Spinodal materials are custom-engineered for electronic connectors and deliver major advantages in comparison to traditional materials such as Beryllium Copper (BeCu).

    We offer precision strip and wire products in alloy Pfinodal® (UNS C72900), a copper nickel tin Spinodal alloy, for the manufacturing of high performance electronic connectors across the aerospace industry.