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Hamilton Precision Metals Responds to Demand for Strain Gauge Foils By Expanding Capacity

Friday, September 9, 2022

Pennsylvania, USA (Sept. 09, 2022) - Specialty metal strip and foil manufacturer, AMETEK Hamilton Precision Metals, is expanding its manufacturing capacity to meet a rising demand for precision foils within the electronics sector and other key industries globally.

The business recently added a third metal foil rolling mill in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and took on more employees to cope with larger, more frequent orders, particularly from customers across Asia.

As the demand has risen over the past three-to-four years and shows no sign of slowing, Hamilton Precision Metals has also increased its production capacity. The company invested in a new rolling mill and additional operators to enable more rapid production times and to ensure that orders can be fulfilled in as short a lead time as possible.

Robert Crawford, Business Development Manager at Hamilton Precision Metals, says: “The rise in demand that we are seeing right now at Hamilton Precision Metals is something that we are keen to capitalize on as much as possible. Customers are choosing us – and returning to us time and time again – due to the quality of our metal foils and their surface finishes, as well as the exact thicknesses that we can roll the metals to and the consistency of what we are able to create.

Our newly expanded capacity will ensure that we can carry on working to these precise specifications and continue to supply our customers with the high-quality products they have come to expect from Hamilton Precision Metals.”

Hamilton Precision Metals’ specialty, ultra-thin foils are made from high performance alloys including Constantan, Evanohm®, and Nickel 270. The foils are reduced in thickness down to gauges of 5 microns, 3.8 microns, and 2.5 microns to meet exact customer specifications. Advantages include ultra-smooth and clean surface finish for bonding, low level of pinholes, and ultra-tight thickness control.

Traditional applications include electronic load cells and structural stress testing mechanisms in the instrumentation and weighing markets, as well as gravity sensors for unmanned vending machines. New and growing applications in the consumer electronics sector consist of various multi-dimensional, force-sensing devices including electric bikes, touchscreens, and smart pencils for tablets.