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Raising the Profile of Women in Engineering

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

An interview with Deb Rosenberry, Quality Engineer at Superior Tube

Deb Rosenberry is a Quality Engineer at Superior Tube. Her role involves ensuring stringent quality standards are met for all Superior Tube’s products, manufacturing processes and procedures. She was inspired to become an engineer due to her curiosity around how things work and desire to make a tangible difference.

In the following interview, Deb discusses about being a Quality Engineer, the importance of building strong relationships with customers and why companies that support women in engineering shouldn’t be shy of shouting about it from the rooftops.

Q. Have you always been interested in a career in engineering?

Yes. I have always been curious about how things work, which makes engineering the perfect fit for me. Engineering has given me the opportunity to get involved and make a difference. It is extremely rewarding when you see what you have accomplished and how your work has helped to improve process flow, safety, or the customer’s request.

Q. Tell us a bit about your role as Quality Engineer at Superior Tube.

Some days I work with data and other days I am more hands-on, working with a customer. It is constantly changing. Being a Quality Engineer at Superior Tube, however, is about so much more than specifications and procedures. It’s about pride and being part of something bigger. It’s a job that allows you the opportunity to keep products and processes constantly moving.

You don’t realize it until you look back, but you are building relationships with customers every time you call about an issue or concern. You may not feel that at the time, but that is exactly what’s happening. You are building a stronger working relationship between your two companies. Working in quality engineering at Superior Tube has been a great opportunity for me.

Q. What gives you the greatest sense of pride about your work?

I think it has to be knowing that I played an important part in the end use of the products we make. For example, we make the specialty alloy tubing that operates in high-performance engines of advanced spacecraft. That’s very satisfying, knowing that I have been involved in that.

Also, there is no better feeling than when you get off the phone to a customer and they have thanked you for your help. You know you’re doing something right when that happens!

Q. What is the best part of the job for you?

I love the fact that I am in a position to make very real improvements to processes, routes and equipment. I can ensure that everything we do and produce is completed at the highest standards possible.

I also like that every day in the job is a little different to the last. You never quite know what’s coming round the corner, and that keeps you alert.

Q. How can we encourage more women to follow your footsteps and consider working in engineering?

I think that we could start by having companies that support women working in engineering advertise that fact so that women are encouraged to apply to them for opportunities.

Also, if women and girls can hear inspiring stories from other engineers working in the field, that will help let them know that they are not alone in their aspirations. I think that sharing female engineers’ experiences like that can be very powerful.

Q. What would you advise any women looking to pursue a career in science and engineering?

Go out there and get involved. I mean it – the rewards you can get from becoming an engineer are so worthwhile. Just go for it!