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Raising the Profile of Women in Engineering - An interview with Bozhena Shemis

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Raising the Profile of Women in Engineering

An interview with Bozhena Shemis, Metals Inspector at Hamilton Precision Metals

Bozhena Shemis works at Hamilton Precision Metals in her role as Metals Inspector. In this interview, Bozhena talks about how she became a metals inspector, what it is like working for Hamilton Precision Metals and what she loves about her job. She talks about the challenges and her attitude towards them and why she wants to encourage more women to join her in engineering with a pinch of personal advice.

Q. How did you become a Metals Inspector?

When I started out in my career, I was working in metal utility, packing, shipping and receiving of all the parts that come in and out of the plant. After a while, I moved to base processing and annealing, which was something that I enjoyed, but found a little too bound to a routine at times. So, I eventually signed up for the position of Metals Inspector at Hamilton Precision Metals and now, every day is completely different. Our customers are always seeking better products, better quality and faster delivery times, so there is always room for development and improvement in our processes and plans. It’s extremely satisfying.

Q. What is it like working at Hamilton Precision Metals?

Hamilton Precision Metals specialises in re-rolling precision metal strip, foil and ultra-thin foil products. We manufacture a wide range of products that are used in critical applications in so many industries and areas, such as life-saving devices in the medical sector.

Hamilton Precision Metals is just one of five business units that make up AMETEK Specialty Metal Products, which means that we have a huge pool of metallurgy and engineering talent in our division. I feel very lucky to be working alongside such a great and diverse team.

Q. Why are you on a mission to raise the profile of women in engineering?

I want to encourage more young women to consider engineering as a profession. I want to highlight the amazing career opportunities available to young women in this industry. The further we can spread the word about all the opportunities on offer for women within engineering, the more talent we can inspire to take up important roles.

Q. What do you like most about your job?

I really appreciate handling and working with the different variations of the material that we work with. Our products can deliver any combination of specific mechanical, physical, electrical and magnetic properties with a range of finishes, from ultra-smooth to matte. Every customer has specific requirements and there is a lot to know about each part that we manufacture here at Hamilton Precision Metals. I like that every day it’s different – it never feels like the same job over and over again.

Q. What advice do you have for young women who are interested in a career in engineering?

Don’t be afraid to go for it! You have to put yourself out there and show that you are just as capable. We’re just as good as the men and numbers do not discriminate. You can’t fake genuine talent and passion in engineering and with hard work and drive, you will succeed.