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Master Alloys Today for Tomorrow’s Applications

Friday, August 2, 2019

Video: Master Alloys Today for Tomorrow’s Applications

Michael Marucci, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Powders explored the topic of “Master Alloys Today for Tomorrow’s Applications” at Titanium Europe Vienna 2019. Marucci defined a master alloy as a combination of two or more metals in a metallurgically alloyed form, added with base metals into a melt furnace charge to achieve desired final ingot chemistry.

During his presentation, Marucci reviewed aerospace-quality master alloys as well as vanadium, molybdenum, niobium, and multi-component master alloys. “Process control to regulate precise chemistry consistency and non-metallic inclusions is essential,” he stressed. “Quality is nonnegotiable.” Key issues for master alloy producers include certification of raw material suppliers; documentation and traceability; supplier understanding and acknowledgement of the risk of high-density inclusions; risk prevention strategies; comprehensive inspection strategies; and robust audit and record retention.

Marucci urged master alloy users and suppliers to continue to strengthen strategic partnerships. He concluded his remarks by focusing on the status of the global vanadium market, saying that ongoing vanadium demand from China “will continue to drive the price in Europe and North America New vanadium capacity is entering the market during 2019, but it will need qualification. The high purity vanadium pentoxide market will remain concentrated with multinational producers leveraging pricing.”