Quinnipiac Manufacturer’s Job Fair Serves As Platform for AMETEK SMP Wallingford Talent Search

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Quinnipiac Manufacturer’s Job Fair Serves
As Platform for AMETEK SMP Wallingford Talent Search

On September 22, AMETEK Specialty Metal Products (SMP) Wallingford attended the inaugural Quinnipiac Manufacturer’s Job Fair that was hosted by the Quinnipiac Chamber of Commerce in Wallingford, CT, USA. The specialist manufacturer of high-purity metal strip, wire and engineered shaped components joined more than 40 other local companies at the event, which brought together prime local employers with ambitious, qualified job candidates.

AMETEK SMP Wallingford Operations Manager Shane Tanaka and Human Resources Manager Gwynnyth Henderson attended the job fair.

“The day was extremely valuable for us, as it not only gave us the chance to promote our business locally, but also to meet several qualified job candidates with a great deal of potential,” explains Tanaka. “We were looking primarily to fill specialist manufacturing roles at our Wallingford operating facility, including a Process Engineer and a Primary Production Operator.”

“We hope this now will become an annual event, and we very much look forward to supporting it in the future,” he added

The aim of the Manufacturers Job Fair is to address the very need all manufacturers face today in recruiting viable, qualified employees who seek to build successful careers in manufacturing. The job fair not only was a platform to bring together companies and candidates, but it also offered various workshops on such topics as interview tips and best practices.

AMETEK SMP Wallingford is one of six businesses within AMETEK Specialty Metal Products, a division of AMETEK, Inc.  AMETEK SMP’s business are all specialists in advanced metallurgical materials with more than 50 years of experience and numerous patents. AMETEK SMP manufactures and distributes a range of products from specialty metal strip in nickel, nickel-iron and cobalt to thermal management products and engineered shaped components in various alloys, including bulk rods, bars and tubes.

The Quinnipiac Chamber of Commerce is an association of more than 550 members businesses that range from sole proprietors to large international corporations. The Chamber runs a program of events to promote business growth, while offering its members legal, educational and marketing opportunities and support. More information about the Chamber can be found at www.quinncham.com.