AMETEK SMP holds Christmas events to raise funds for local charities

Friday, December 21, 2018

In December, employees of AMETEK Specialty Metal Products (SMP) held bake offs, bake sales and food collections in support of local charities for Christmas.

Three of the six AMETEK SMP businesses took part in a fundraising competition with a bake off and bake sale amongst their workforce. AMETEK SMP Eighty Four in Pennsylvania raised $122 for United Way, Fine Tubes in Plymouth, UK raised $170.15 for Shekinah. However, the 'Spirit of Christmas' trophy for Christmas fundraising went to Hamilton Precision Metals in Lancaster, US raising $235 for the Water Street Rescue Mission in their home state of Pennsylvania.

The other three SMP businesses, Reading Alloys, Superior Tube and SMP Wallingford, collected food for their local food banks.

Bettina Schadow, AMETEK SMP’s Marketing Communications Manager, commented: “Giving something back to our local communities is embedded in our corporate social responsibility programme and it’s part of our ethos. Whereas supporting people around us is important all year round, at this time of the year, the Season of Good Will, we like to raise awareness for the less fortunate in our communities.”

AMETEK SMP has five manufacturing locations in the US and one in the UK. All of them are leading manufacturers of advanced metal product solutions. The products range from high purity metal powders, master alloys, clad metals, specialty wire products to precision foil, strip and tube. These materials are used in a variety of critical automotive, aerospace, defense, electronics, energy, medical and general industrial applications.

Staff at all six operating sites regularly engage with their local communities, helping to support local initiatives and local charities.