AMETEK Specialty Metal Products to exhibit at DEFEXPO

Friday, April 6, 2018

Hall 8 – Booth 8.2.2A

With a budget of $100 billion for defense acquisitions over the next five years, the Indian Ministry of Defence is keen to present DefExpo 2018 as a world-class showcase for the Indian aerospace, defense and security industries. Running from 11th to 14th April in Chennai, India, DefExpo will specifically address the nation's need to balance its rapidly growing economy with defense preparedness, opening new channels for global supply-chain partnerships.

By exhibiting at the event, AMETEK SMP will have an important opportunity to promote its capabilities as a world leader in the manufacture of precision metal tubes, high purity strip, ultra-thin foil, high alloy powders and master alloys for critical defense applications

Superior Tube, one of SMP’s constituent businesses, manufactures the precision tubes used in nuclear submarines and the specialty tubing used in US Navy-designed heat exchangers and condenser applications. Together with its SMP sister company, the UK-based Fine Tubes, the company also supplies the hydraulic and aero engine tubing deployed in the engines and airframes of military aircraft, including the high-performance Waspaloy™ tubing for the afterburners of the F-15/F-16 Eagle fighter.

Other companies within SMP, including Reading Alloys and SMP Eighty Four, supply the specialty powders used in the stealth coatings on naval vessels and the aerospace grade titanium alloys and superalloys used in the airframes and engines of fighter jets. 

AMETEK SMP Wallingford and Hamilton Precision Metals are experts in producing precision metal strip for aerospace brazing foil, aerospace sensors, clad plate used to make armor plate and wire for aerospace throttle.

For an appointment at the show, please contact:
Rahul Gujar
National Sales Manager India