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Metal tubing solution for solar energy and thermal power generation

Alternative Energy

Our quality-assured tubing products are critical components in a range of alternative renewable energy applications. We supply to major energy providers worldwide in the thermal power and solar power industries.
  • Thermal Power +

    Our precision tubes are used as hollow conductors and cooling tubes for water-cooled or helium/hydrogen-cooled turbine generators. The tubes operate in 660 MW or above supercritical thermal power plants, as well as 1,000 MW or above ultra-supercritical coal-fired power plants.

    We have the engineering expertise to engineer seamless or welded & redrawn tubes for low pressure and high-pressure heaters manufactured in our fully automated multi tube mill.

    Thermal Applications
    • Thermal applications
    • Control and instrumentation
    • Steam turbine generators
    • Super heaters
    • Condensers
  • Solar Power +

    We manufacture tubing solutions for use in CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) technology in solar tower or solar thermal power plants. Our expertise in processing exotic alloys for high performance tubing satisfied the need of mission critical heat exchangers at the heart of the solar process of Gemasolar, the award winning commercial solar power plant near Seville in Spain.

    We developed the corrosion resistant heating exchanger tubes for the steam generators as well as the high-performance tubing that make up the receiver of the Gemasolar central tower containing molten salt.

    Find out more in our Gemasolar Power Plant case study

    Solar Applications
    • Control and instrumentation
    • Heat collectors
    • Heat exchangers
    • Super heaters
    • Condensers