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Four Growth Strategies
AMETEK's Corporate Growth Plan is founded on four key strategies: Operational Excellence, Strategic Acquisitions, Global & Market Expansion, and New Products. The objective of that growth plan is to achieve double-digit annual percentage growth in earnings per share and a superior return on total capital. These strategies have provided the framework for achieving that objective.

Operational Excellence: With an emphasis on operating efficiency, asset management and customer satisfaction, Operational Excellence serves as AMETEK’s cornerstone strategy. It is essential to AMETEK’s cost-driven businesses, adds significant value to its differentiated businesses, and is instrumental in improving the performance of recently acquired businesses.

Strategic Acquisitions: AMETEK is an active and disciplined business acquirer. It has a focused acquisition strategy, a thorough due diligence process and a proven ability to quickly integrate newly acquired businesses. Its goal is to achieve critical mass and competitive advantage and to gain entry into new and emerging markets and technologies.

Global & Market Expansion: This strategy is an important contributor to AMETEK’s continued growth. More than half of AMETEK’s total sales are to markets outside the United States. AMETEK has plans to further expand low-cost manufacturing in key areas of the world, to use acquisitions and new products to pursue growth opportunities outside the United States, and to strength its sales, marketing and distribution capabilities worldwide.

New Products: New products have spurred AMETEK’s growth. AMETEK enjoys an excellent reputation for technical innovation and product development know-how. It has consistently increased its investment in new product development with the aim of bringing more products to market faster and with greater success. The result has been a steady stream of successful, innovative new products.