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AMETEK Specialty Metal Products (SMP) is a global leader in the production of advanced metallurgical products for critical applications. Our extensive range of high performance, custom-made metal products include:

  • Water Atomized Metal Powders
  • Roll-bonded Clad Plate
  • Precision Engineered Metal Tubes
  • Small Diameter Metal Tubes
  • Precision Metal Strip and Ultra-Thin Foil
  • Shaped Wire
  • Thermal Management Products
  • Engineered Shaped Components

Our manufacturing sites are based in the USA and UK and include: AMETEK SMP Eighty Four, Superior Tube, Fine Tubes, Hamilton Precision Metals and AMETEK SMP Wallingford.

Collectively, these businesses represent a world-leading force in the production of high performance metal products. Markets include Medical, Energy, Nuclear, Instrumentation and Measurement, Electronics, Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, Oil and gas, Drilling and Mining and Industrial.

When a new engineering challenge requires a specialty, custom-made metal product, our team of metallurgical experts are committed to developing the highest quality solutions that perform without fail.